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GreenBox gives you the power to harness unmatched blockchain-based tools to manage partner and merchant relationships.

GreenBox whitelabel platform
Blockchain Ledger

Blockchain Ledger

This real-time transaction ledger provides the most up-to-date and accurate account of financial records available today.

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monitor cashflow


Our platform provides the ability to monitor cashflows. Run reports on merchant transactions, chargebacks, agent and affiliate commissions, and more.

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Explore the Benefits of the
GreenBox White Label Platform

blockchain payment processing

Payment Processing

A full multitude of payment processing and settlement solutions.

Internations payouts


Cryptocurrency exchange and purchasing power.

blockchain partner portal

Partner Portal

Partner portal to manage business relationships with full visibility.

blockchain record keeping

Record Keeping

Create special contracts and keep record of commission payouts.

know your business

Know Your Business

KYC and KYB fully automated services.

blockchain digital security


blockchain secure PCI Level 1 compliance means financial and personal information is virtually unhackable.

blockchain reporting


Advanced reporting for deeper insights into money flows and more.

blockchain risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

continuous url monitoring and advanced chargeback fighting software offer peace of mind.

blockchain commission calculation

Commission Calculation

Reduce guesswork and confusion. Easily view, calculate, and monitor commission payouts.

blockchain instant payment

Instant Payment

Eliminate delays and send funds in real-time with Push to Card technology.

blockchain payment settlements


Utilize a vast array of settlement options to satisfy merchant & partner needs.

blockchain fraud protection

Fraud Protection

Proxy piercing, address verification, fraud scoring, and two-factor authentication defend against scammers.

blockchain merchant payment automation

Merchant Payment Automation

save valuable time by scheduling by setting payment schedules in advance.

blockchain software security

Software Security

Our blockchain secure PCI Level 1 compliant platform along with partnerships with trusted companies including Verisk G2, Chargeback 911, VGS andothers protect against risk, fraud, chargebacks, and hackers.

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Automated blockchain software

Fully Automated

Unlike the archaic methods of traditional processing platforms, you can save time and simplify the process with GreenBox white label. Ensure compliance with automated KYC and KYB services, setup automated payouts, and more.

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